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Tetris 3D Game

If you’re a Tetris fan, you have to try this new game! It is an amazing puzzle game with amazing graphics and music. It is a simple concept but so hard to master. In this game, you have to rotate the different blocks in order to complete the horizontal or vertical lines. You will see that the blocks are falling from above but be careful! They will fall faster as time goes by. To play this puzzle game, you just need your smartphone, tablet, or computer with a web browser. 

Tetris is one of the most successful and popular computer games ever made. It was released in the USSR in 1984 and later globally. The objective of this game is to move a falling Tetris block so that it fits into its place by rotating into a horizontal or vertical position. Once you complete a level, you progress to the next one.

Tetris 3D is a simple puzzle game in which you have to match the blocks to form complete lines. There are five game modes and 16 different levels in each mode. A level will be unlocked after clearing a previous one. 

How to play Tetris 3D Game

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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