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Incredibox - Hot Music Game

The Incredibox overview:

Incredibox is a creative music experience, not quite a traditional game.

It focuses on letting you be the conductor of a virtual beatboxing group.

You drag and drop sound icons onto characters to build your musical compositions.

It's a fun and accessible way to experiment with music creation, with a focus on user-friendliness.


Setting the Stage:

The Beatboxers: You'll see a group of colorful characters on the screen, each representing a beatboxer with a unique style.

The Sound Palette: Below the characters, you'll find a collection of icons. These represent different sounds and effects like beats, melodies, and vocal samples.

Building Your Beat:

Drag and Drop: This is where the magic happens! Simply drag a sound icon from the palette and drop it onto a beatboxer. Each character can hold multiple sounds, allowing you to layer your creation.

Experimentation is Key: Try different sound combinations on different beatboxers. You can even swap sounds around to see how they change the overall rhythm and melody.

Listen and Refine: Once you've assigned sounds, hit the play button to hear your composition come alive! Don't like a sound? Simply drag the icon away from the character.

How to play the Incredibox game

Visit the website to play for free

Click on playgame to launch the game

Drag and drop the mouse to move the costumes below to match the characters above

Tips to win

Don't be afraid to experiment:

There are no wrong combinations in Incredibox. Play around with different sounds and see what unexpected beats you can create.

Listen closely:

Pay attention to the rhythm and melody as you build your mix. This will help you create cohesive and enjoyable music.

Record and share:

Once you've crafted a beat you're proud of, use the recording feature to share your creation with friends and family.

Explore different versions:

While the original browser version is free, there are also paid mobile and tablet apps with additional features and musical styles to discover.

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