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Tetris is a simple and addictive game you probably played as a child. It’s still as popular as ever, with over 300 million downloads and counting. In this Tetris variant, you take the role of the Tetrises — a race of shape-changing aliens tasked with destroying humanity’s only wallabies by creating stackable tetrominoes. You can play against the computer or create your own levels using any combination of tetrominoes from your available colors. The object of Tetris is to clear a row of dots from view by stacking tetrominoes of the same color on top of each other so that no single tetromino touches the ground. 

Tetris is the addictive, multiplayer block-puzzling game that’s been creating gaming history for nearly 30 years. You’ve probably loved it or loathed it depending on your genre preferences. But no matter what, we all know and love the original! Become one of the most decorated Tetris players in the world with this Tetris app! Get ready to take on different stages as you explore the various types of Tetrimino Blocks and their individual properties. Are they solid, liquid, or gas? What if they can glow in the dark? How about rolling up into a ball instead of releasing a tetromino? Challenge your friends or play against the clock in an exciting competition. 

Tetris, game, puzzle, arcade, 1 player, 2d, color Similar to Tic Tac Toe but Tetris is played with a tetromino set. Instead of rolling balls on a table, you are building towers out of tetrominoes. The game ends when nobody can make any more Tetriminos or the timer runs out. This version has five different playing fields which make the game more challenging.

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Using Mouse and Keyboard

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