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The Tetris™ classic returns, with a brand-new game experience! GET DOWN AND DRIVE as you guide tetrominoes to form lines and angles to score. The Game is On! Save the World as Tetris™ Battle Royale™! The Battle Royal game has only one requirement: Play it to win it. There are a few challenges that can’t be solved by playing Tetris against your friends. The game is a cutthroat mistress that can best be known as the tetromino puzzle classic. In this multiplayer version, however, she’s been decked out in super-chic combat gear: sneakers, tank tops, and cargo shorts are all fair game. And what’s more fun than teaming up with your friends to take on the world? This battle royale mode pits you against an endless stream of opponents or players from around the world.

When you think about it, the shape of a Tetris game is actually really simple. It’s just a tetromino piece with four sides. But this “simple” shape makes for some really fun games! We’ll explore how to make your own version of Tetris in this post, and we’ll show you how to make it with HTML5.

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Using Mouse

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