The original Arkanoid games are given fresh life by It takes the original mechanics and multiplies them by four rather than starting from scratch and reinventing the wheel. As a result, there are four players engaged in heated competition on the same playing field. Each participant is equipped with a ball and paddle that may be used to deflect oncoming balls and fire their own balls at the competition. Are you prepared to play the iconic arcade game in a brand-new way? If you haven't tried the original, you may be wondering why there's such a fuss. What makes this title in particular so renowned?

Although trying it out for yourself is the only way to really grasp the appeal, here is the gist of it: The ball can be fired and then deflected with the paddle, which the user controls by moving it left and right. The objective is to strike the blocks at the top of the screen and destroy them. Some blocks break in a single heat, while others require several. Another restriction is that the player loses one point if they fail to deflect the ball and it crosses the lower edge of the screen.

Imagine the same gameplay now, but with four participants as opposed to just one. A typical game consists of balls flying everywhere, and blocks being broken from all sides. You lose a life if a ball enters your goal. The game ends when you exhaust all of your lives.

The controls work just as you would expect them to: to move the paddle left or right, either move your mouse or hit A and D (or the arrow keys, instead). You merely need to anticipate the trajectory and modify your position to account for the automatic deflection of the ball.

Tetranoid's multiplayer features work to their benefit, giving the idea a new and interesting vibe. These days, this is among the most engaging online games available.

On an iPad, PC, or mobile phone, you may launch the game by opening any browser without downloading any apps. Since its release, has gained a lot of players' favor. I'm hoping you'll enjoy the game as well.

How to play

Using Mouse


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