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TenTrix is a new HTML5 Tetris game with CSS3 3D backgrounds and online leaderboards. It's also the first HTML Tetris game to use the new canvas element. 

Tetrix is a puzzle game where you have to split your tetrominoes into five equal parts. It's not that hard, is it? How to play Tetrix: Use the mouse to arrange the tetrominoes in order from left to right or from bottom to top. When two or more tetrominoes of the same color touch, they merge into one and are removed from play. However, if one of those same colors touches another tetromino, they fuse into a new tetromino. 

It’s time for Tetris! This game is awesome and you should play it. It’s not just a puzzle game—you’ll have to think fast and be fluid in order to stay on top. There are many different levels, which makes it fun for everyone. You can play against the computer or real friends via Facebook or Games…

How to play TenTrix

Using Mouse

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