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Super Tetris

This is a casual Tetris game that anyone can play. You can pick any difficulty, from easy to hard. The objective is the same regardless of the setting: remove all the tetrominoes in a set height grid by matching similar colored tetrominoes. How to Play - Simple controls - Just match three or more pieces of the same color to remove them from the playing field. You can also swap two adjacent tetrominoes for a new position but this will only affect how many spaces they leave behind on the next pass. 

Everyone loves a good puzzle game. One of the best ways to keep your brain exercised is by playing games that require strategic thinking and logical reasoning. Tetris is one of the most well-known and successful puzzlers of all time, and it’s coming to Google Chrome soon in the form of Tetris-The Game. We’ve been working on this new version of Tetris for almost two years now, and it shows. This updated version not only includes compatibility fixes for some old Android devices but also introduces a host of brand-new features and improvements. 

Can you ever really say that you’ve finished an impossible game? Before playing Tetris, I would have thought it was just a video game. After all, it’s been around for over 30 years. But after playing this game for over 6 hours, I can now say that I’ve completed the impossible—Tetris! And it was as simple as falling down a rabbit hole. In the beginning, there was… nothing. The void. There is no beginning or end to the Void. It is the pure form of Tetris. 

How to play Super Tetris

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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