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Pop It Xmas

The Mafia has taken over your town and you need to destroy them! But they have so many members that it’s almost impossible! Luckily, you’re the nice guy who can destroy the mafia with just a few words. You need to take down the mafia by giving them swear words. Which ones will they like the most? All of them! Get ready for Christmas Prod with an exciting new twist on an old favorite. In this game, you play as a Holiday Prod who needs to get his friends together for Xmas by playing different types of holiday-themed games. Each time he gets his friends together for a game, he gives that word(s) to one of the Mafia members in exchange for their help in destroying his enemies and getting gifts for his friends. How many words can you give away before someone tricks you into losing all your points and destroys you? And how many funny, unique word combinations can you find to keep them coming back for more? The better your answer, the more points you get each time your friends join forces with you. The first one who says no starts losing all their points and is eliminated from the competition until they say yes again. 

Explore Wonderland in this beautiful puzzle game! Little girls love puzzles and this Christmas, give them one they can enjoy for years to come. With its winter setting and flying fairies, it would be no surprise if this game was also called Winter Wonderland. But that's just an excuse to make it even more adorable! When you join the fun of this game, you will travel through a fairy-tale world where you have to swap beautifully colored sections of the same picture to create Routes linking all four corners. You can choose between a variety of difficulty levels and use either your finger or a mouse to click on areas within the picture. What I love about this game is that not only do you get to play with cute graphics but it also has a storyline! In each level, there is a hidden object scene that requires you to click on 3 similar pictures next to each other in order for them to form a word or phrase. You have time restraints; when one phase ends another begins so that progresses are never merely forced but are instead carefully crafted. 

Who’s ready for a cold and frosty winter solstice edition of POP-It? It’s here! With the help of some magic snowflakes, you can pop orbs into these glowing Christmas trees to light up the night with festive lights. 

How to play Pop It Xmas

Using Mouse

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