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While this may seem like a simple concept, it’s one that many game developers simply do not understand. It’s also one that can be challenging to implement effectively. If you’ve ever needed to create a new file hierarchy in your project, chances are you’ve encountered the need to move existing files into higher levels within the same project. While this might seem like an obvious solution, it can be difficult and error-prone when working with multiple developers.

What's the difference between a nudge and a natural? A nudge is when you push on someone's chest to get them to lean in, while natural is when you lean in person-to-person. When should I use a nudge vs a natural? You might want to use a nudge sometimes over natural. 

If you think you're going to be doing a lot of online gaming, then you might want to consider getting a VPN service. Even if you don't play online often, having secure and private internet access is important. A VPN provides you with the privacy and security that only an encrypted connection can provide. 

How to play Drop N Merge

Using Mouse

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