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Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Test your brain power as you race against the clock to build the most Tetris-like block tower out of matching colors. Build up from a single block to enormous multilevel structures in minutes – or risk losing control and getting filled with falling blocks! Controls: Use your mouse to build the Tetris-like blocks. You must match three or more identical colors to create a level. The more colors that you can match, the higher the tetromino will rise. The more finished tetrominoes you have created, the higher score you get! Features: - Adjustable game speed - 9 different levels with 3 different difficulties (beginner, intermediate and hard) - 9 different colors used for each level - 60 seconds timer at the bottom of each level and during gameplay - Support drag & drop for easy customization of elements - Supports up to 8 players via local multiplayer and/or Internet play * These features are currently subject to change without prior

Puzzle games are a great way to kill time when you’re bored. You can play them online or offline, and they don’t take up too much space on your device. They also don’t take up too much of your time, especially if you have a bunch of them competing for your amusement. If you’ve ever played the classic Tetris game, then you already know how addicting it can be. In this version of the game, you build lines of three identical blocks to create a new tetrimino by clearing other blocks from view. To make it even more challenging, you need to build as many lines as possible while avoiding picking up excess weight. This requires careful planning and reaction speed as each collision with another block costs points. When completed, the screen darkens until the next line is created. Can you build the most lines in order to win? Practice makes perfect – show us how it’s

How to play TETRIS: Tetris is a timeless classic, and now it's enjoyed by a whole new generation of players. People have been playing the same old game against themselves for as long as they've played videogames, but the appeal of Tetris has never been more widespread or universal. Even if you aren't the veteran Tetris player that you used to be, you'll find plenty to enjoy in this classic game experience with a modern twist. Fresh andModernizedbyProvideo Games is proud to present Tetris, a brand new take on an old favorite that will have you returning to tetris again and

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