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1000 Blocks

The Fun Tetris-inspired puzzle game 1000 Blocks is available online. The needed blocks must be destroyed by establishing a full line. Have a wonderful time!

The best shape-based puzzle game is this one. You may believe that you are familiar with 1000 Blocks, but you are not. There are a lot of Tetris-style puzzle games out there, but this one is unique. You can't rotate, choose, or skip any forms in 1000 Blocks; they are all handed to you one at a time. At first look, this component of the game could appear unfair or unbearable. But in reality, it merely makes the task harder. You'll be required to construct a complete line and then launch it away using the space that is available and the forms that are provided. Another feature of 1000 Blocks is that you don't always require to build lines horizontally in order to clear a row. Actually, you may create your rows as vertical columns or from left to right to get points. This calls for you to begin thinking simultaneously in several dimensions. More than simply the horizon is now involved. You must think vertically, horizontally, and two steps ahead if you want to score, and score big.

How to play 1000 Blocks

Using Mouse

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